CLOSED GIVEAWAY: Gelish Mini’s Fall Colors, BASIX Kit & Light!

gelishGosh it feels good to be back! I get SO excited to host giveaways more than anything else that I do on YBJ because I know how much you all love them, and because I only host giveaways of products I am personally obsessed with, so I know whoever wins will be beyond pleased! :-D  On that note, my wonderful contacts over at Gelish Mini have sponsored a giveaway of their new Fall 2013 collection, “Under Her Spell”, a BASIX kit (everything you need to do a gel manicure: top coat, base coat, phBonder, etc.) and the light that sets Gelish-Mini-Basix-Kitthe polish! This is HUGE as it’s a very expensive giveaway and something that will save the winner HUNDREDS of dollars in nail salon visits long term. I just wrote a post about this collection two days ago, so check that out if you’d like more information on gel manicures.  In a nutshell, gel nail polish is unlike standard polish in that it lasts for up to 3 weeks without chipping, has to be soaked off and dries instantly when put under the special light. What’s better than no polish dry time?! Whoever wins will have everything they need in order to give themselves flawless gel mani’s and pedi’s at home and will only have to worry about adding to gelish_pro45_ledlight_cg_basegeltheir collection of colors whenever they so choose (can be found at Sally Beauty Supply or online)! :-D I bought my first Gelish kit about two years ago and it was some of the best money this beauty junkie ever spent! ;) I now have an array of colors to choose from and even when I do still want to go to the salon to get pampered, I bring my own polish with me now and they usually discount me! It’s awesome on multiple levels! LOL. :-D Below are swatches I found on Google of these amazing, dark, sultry colors so you can see what they look like on.  Gorgeous, right? :-)


Now for the giveaway! Good luck to you all.  Remember – the first three items are mandatory.  If you complete them, you will unlock 50 MORE entry options!!! Each one ups your chance of winning so try to complete them all! :-D This giveaway begins NOW and ends Monday September 30th at 9pm.  You must be 18 years of age or older and live in the United States to enter.  Many thanks to Gelish Mini for sponsoring this amazing giveaway.  Have fun all, and again, GOOD LUCK! :-)  


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84 thoughts on “CLOSED GIVEAWAY: Gelish Mini’s Fall Colors, BASIX Kit & Light!

  1. Fall is my favorite time for nail polish because the colors are so gorgeous! This would be a great birthday surprise!! (Sept 23 is my 21st birthday!)

  2. I first off want to say congratulations on marrying the love of your life. Your wedding was beautiful, like you. You’re very kind hearted, and it’s a blessing that you take the time out to do your beauty blog. Along with these giveaways. You’re teaching all of us women how to be beautiful, in, and out. I’m thankful that I’ve stumbled on your page almost a year ago.

  3. Your nails always look AMAZING!! I’d absolutely love to win and be able to try this product because I’m sure it’d help protect my weak nails and also help me save money since I would be able to do them at home!! Awesome Giveaway! :)

  4. Thank You!!! For this awesome Giveaway! Glad you’re back! I’m so HAPPY for you and you’re wedding was so beautiful as I could see through the pictures you shared with us. I’ve never used Gelish products or any other a like. But thanks again for the chance ;)

  5. So Glad you’re back!! Crossing my fingers to win this! With my busy schedule I never have time to go get my nails done before the salon closes, so I always end up doing my own at home.. but with regular polish that always chips off 2 days later! :(

  6. Your giveaways are the best!! I really hope I win :) I would LOVE to be able to do gel manis on myself! I have a stamper kit too, imagine all the cute designs… and they would actually last more than a week if I had a gel mani!!

  7. Actually at first I had negative impressions of gel polish because my nails break,chip, and peel easily, so I thought since it is supposedly harder to remove then more damage would be done. But now I am intrigued and think it may actually be the answer for me to keep polish on and strengthen my nails. Thnx! E

  8. These colors are beautiful! I can’t believe it’s already time for fall colors! These are great colors especially for the professional world!

  9. I freaking LOVE the dark colors – perfect for most people for Fall, but for me, perfect YEAR ROUND because I love them so much. The red and purples are to die for. Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  10. Never tried gel before, but with three kids I can’t keep polish on my nails. I’d love these gorgeous colors and I’d love to see how well they stay put!

  11. Thanks for springing right back into action after your wedding! Congrats! You looked stunning and I can not wait to see the rest of the professional pictures! Anyways, I have been wanting to try Gelish ever since you first posted about them! If I won this set I would totally freak out! If not, I think I may have to purchase anyway lol xX Michelle

  12. Next to beauty products, my passion is nail art/polish and this would seriously make me smile from ear to ear if I was lucky enough to win this!…Been having it rough lately, and a new manicure always makes a women feel good!

  13. I thought I already commented, but I can’t find it………but anyways nail polish/nail art is one of my favorite passions next to beauty/cosmetics. Every woman knows how a great manicure can turn your frown upside down ;) I would truly love to win this!! Good luck to everyone who is as excited as I am!

  14. The colors look amaze and I have been wanting to try a great gel at home set. It’s so hard to fit in an hour to go get them done at a salon but with this I could fit it around my work schedule. LOVE!!

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