YBJ SOCK BUN: How To Create Thick Top-Knots for All!

I’m NOT a big “top-knot”, or bun type of girl and I really wish I was because I think they are SO cute and elegant.  Sadly I just can’t pull it off on myself because I have a bizarre shaped head. It’s true.  My head is really abnormally long and skinny shaped and wearing it up makes my head look even skinnier…like a skinny, scary alien head….*sigh*…I digress. :-/

Top-knots look exceptionally classy and gorgeous on every other woman under the sun however, so I decided to throw together this quick tutorial for all of you top-knot lovin’ ladies!  I found a super quick and easy way to create a really full looking bun for people with any hair type from extremely thin, to really thick – using a SOCK.  Yep, you read that right…the kind you put on your foot.  Find an old (but CLEAN) sock that maybe you don’t have a match for anymore, then follow this picture tutorial:

To start, cut the top portion off of your sock.

It should look like this.

Start rolling from the toe area outward and down.

You will have a donut shaped “sock bun” as I like to call it.

Pull all of your hair up into a high pony tail and secure tightly.

Now you can either do this two ways.  If you have longer hair WITHOUT layers then you can stick the bun sock onto the hair like so…

…then tuck your hair underneath it rolling it all the way down until it reaches your head.  That is ideal, however I have way too many layers in my hair to make that work so I put the sock bun over my pony tail holder like so…

Begin twisting your pony until it starts to coil on its own.

Wrap it around the sock bun using bobby pins to secure if you need them.

Spray any fly-aways with hairspray then you should be good to go!

Obviously you can do this with just your hair alone, but the sock will make your bun look SO MUCH thicker…like the celeb photos at the top of this post (I GUARANTEE they have something in their buns making them thicker ;))! No one will even know there’s a sock up there either because it’ll be covered up by your hair. ;)

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