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I LOVE BIG HAIR! Some may think that because I naturally have TONS of hair that I easily have instant big hair, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.  It’s big alright, but not in the sexy way I want it to be.  If I let it go naturally, I’m left with a wild, frizzy, mess and if I straighten it without doing anything to add volume then I look like a sullen, depressed Eeyore thanks to my exceptionally long face.  The more styling and volume, the better!

I’ve found the two biggest MUSTS when creating volume are having the right products and knowing how to backcomb.  If you are unaware, backcombing is just as it sounds; combing your hair in the opposite direction than you normally would.  Other’s call this “teasing”, it’s the same thing.  Doing this on the crown of your head is a MUST for big hair. You’ll see a how-to of this on my video at the end of this blog post.

Product wise you want to make sure to always use a root booster prior to blow drying.  Honestly I’ve yet to find one that didn’t get the job done, so any brand should work.  I’m using a pretty inexpensive one from the drugstore right now called TIGI Catwalk Root Boost.  When blow drying, ALWAYS brush your hair and dry it in the opposite direction than it grows.  Especially with the root booster in there, it’ll train your hair to want to go that direction so when you flip it back over – VOLUME CITY! :-D

The next MUST HAVE item for volume is a texturizing spray, and with this type of product I’ve found through trial and error that there are good ones and there are bad ones.  My latest FAVORITE is Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Texture and Volume Spray. This product is INCREDIBLE!!! Whether I’m styling my hair straight or curly, putting this in from my roots down through my hair creates so much volume that will last all day.  Even if you don’t do any of the above mentioned things and JUST use this product, you’ll still have tons of volume.  I use to use hairspray on my curls, or in my hair to create volume – big no no.  That just made for hard, non-moveable curls and stiff hair.  Not a good look.  Believe me, this texture spray is crazy good!  If you’re on the hunt for bigger hair or if you need the illusion of thicker hair it is well worth your money.  It’s only $25 from Nordstrom too! For a quality hair product, this is actually a very reasonable price.  If you’re interested, see how I use it in my video below and if you want to purchase for yourself, click on the picture of it here:

I put together this video to show you how I create my favorite “big hair” look.  This is my most frequently worn hair style and I’ve had numerous requests for a how-to on how I create this look.  I’ve done this style on others too and the result is just as big and beautiful from people with thinner hair to those with thicker hair.  My styling methods and products used work for everyone! This is a really great look that makes you feel super sexy and want to let down your hair more often! ;)


4 thoughts on “Big Voluminous Hair – Blog & Video Tutorial”

  1. Thank you! I love, love, LOVE big hair! And my hair is thin, so it’s sometimes hard to attain. I’m also in the process of growing my hair out and am completely unfamiliar with making long hair big. On a side note, I live your writing style. You crack me up sometimes-particularly with the line about looking like Eeyore! Hilarious!

  2. Oh my gosh that was your best best video ever! I totally take back the part I wrote about wanting to see more of your personality.. I loved it Jamie! And your editing was great! You explained everything in detail.. and make smiley faces, stuck out your tongue and had a good time.. I really smiled and enjoyed it. Im going to do it tomorrow to see if it works with my medium length, thick hair. I MUST KNOW HOW TO GET YOUR BANGS! I can never get it right exactly.. maybe take a pic and have them do it? Ive always been good at doing my own, but im afraid im not using enough hair at the front.. any good bang stylers you could recommed? I want thick gorgeous ones.. similar to yours!

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